It pays to be a Member! 

The legal services & liability insurance alone are worth the cost. In the day of prolific litigation, no teacher can really afford to be without these protections. Actually, there are millions of good reasons for belonging to your Association. Ask your 2.2 million colleagues nationwide.

Association Member Services and Programs:

  • Representation in collective bargaining
  • Representation in grievances
  • One million dollar liability policy
  • Legal services for professional matters
  • 30 minutes free legal consultation for non-professional matters
  • Representation in the event of lay-off or dismissal
  • Representation or assistance with credentials, retirement and unemployment
  • Professional workshops and seminars dealing with issues in public education
  • Right to vote for collective bargaining agreements
  • Right to vote and hold office in the association
  • Credit Union services
  • Insurance programs (group life, income protection, auto & homeowners) with endorsed providers
  • DUES-TAB life insurance
  • CTA Accident & Survivor Benefit
  • Travel discounts
  • Purchase discounts, including auto purchase discounts
  • Notary Services
  • Tutoring referral service
  • Access to SBUT Members-Only Area of this website

Submit/Renew Your Membership Today

Bargaining Unit members in each of the South Bay United Teachers’ districts are eligible to join the union as members.  

Click your District below for more information and to submit Enrollment Form.

Please call (310) 921-2500 with any questions.

Promote policies to improve public education.

CTA is asking members to voluntarily contribute to fund CTA advocacy efforts and support the CTA Foundation for Teaching and Learning.

Are You Retiring?

Don’t lose your CTA benefits. 
Learn about how to join as a retired member.