Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 7, 2022 Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the South Bay United Teachers website (SBUT). We appreciate your interest in SBUT. Because we share your concern about privacy, we are letting you know that when you complete a form on our website, SBUT may use that information for purposes of assisting you in your visit to the site; servicing membership; and assisting members to access benefits associated with membership in your local association-Centinela Valley Secondary Teachers Association (CVSTA), Manhattan Beach Unified Teachers Association (MBUTA), Palos Verdes Faculty Association (PVFA), Redondo Beach Teachers Association (RBTA) and affiliated organizations (the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA). SBUT will not share your information with any outside parties without your written permission.

SBUT Members who elect to utilize the SBUT website tutoring pages to promote their tutoring services do so with the understanding that SBUT does not vet prospective tutoring clients (parents/guardians and students). Those who use the tutoring services do so with the understanding that SBUT does not supervise educators providing the services and the tutors listed are not employees of South Bay United Teachers. All parties utilizing the tutoring pages do so with the understanding that SBUT provides them as a means of connecting parents and guardians who want to provide additional help for their students with teachers and other educators who indicate ability in a particular discipline. The Parties are encouraged to do their own due diligence in verifying identities utilizing reputable background check means and providers. Any agreements made between tutors and tutoring clients are solely between them. SBUT shall not be considered a party to any such agreement.

This Privacy Policy covers information collected from Your use of the SBUT website signifies your agreement with this policy.